Why Sell with MiHome Pty Ltd?

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional agencies charges a percentage fee that could be as high as 7% + VAT to sell your property. MiHOME does not charge a percentage fee to sell your property but rather charges a Flat Professional Fee as negotiated with you our customer. Our model could save you thousands in traditional real estate commission that could be used towards your future goals.

Yes MiHOME is fully licensed and our FFC’s is available on request.

No this service is Free of charge to you our valued client and you are under no obligation to sign up with us after we have visited you

With MiHOME there are no Hidden cost? What we negotiate is what you pay so you know what you are in for and can plan accordingly This fee is also only payable on successful sale of your property. No upfront fees.

  • Our Professional Fee is only payable once we have successfully sold your property? This means that No Sale means, there is No Fee.
  • MiHOME will advertise your property on marketing platforms like Property24 , Facebook etc and when permissible we will have open houses so that potential buyers can visit your property. Having open houses supplies you with more exposure to potential buyers. We further more include professional photo’s and this @ no cost to yourself.

Absolutely not, MiHOME will always accompany the buyers to your premises and be by your side through the entire process and will be by your side.

  • Should you fall outside of our area, MiHOME can still assist you in selling your property. In this case you will show your own property to prospective buyers but MiHOME will facilitate the sale and will assist you with marketing ect. (Should you, friends or family wish to make use of this service please get in contact with us so we can explain the process)
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